Podcast Episode 316

After a month off from podcasting, I recorded yesterday Episode 316 of the Mike Sevilla Radio Program. The video above shows the opening moments of the show. And, there definitely was a lot of talk about and to catch up on. You can also listen to the entire audio podcast in the player below. Or, you can download the episode here, and listen anytime...

Topic One: AAFP 2013 San Diego (At 6:18 in podcast)

The annual meeting of the American Academy of Family Physicians took place in late September in San Diego. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend this year, but I followed the meeting on twitter. Even though I wasn't there, following the twitter feed still made me feel energized and reinforced my choice for Family Medicine as my specialty.

The audio clip I shared in this section was the first words of AAFP President Dr. Reid Blackwelder right after he was sworn in as the AAFP President. The audio clip starts in the podcast at 7:59. You can also see the video clip here on the AAFP website. 

Topic Two: Direct Primary Care National Summit (At 23:04 in podcast)

In St Louis, on October 11-12, 2013, the Direct Primary Care National Summit took place. The principal sponsor for this event was the Family Medicine Education Consortium and Direct Primary Care Coalition. You can check out the schedule here

The first audio clip shared in this segment was a portion of an interview of Dr. Erika Bliss from Qliance from The Dr Synonymous Show. The entire 40 minute interview can be found in the player below...

The 2nd audio clip in this segment is from the video below which are the closing thoughts from the Summit. In this clip, Dr. Bliss said. "If Primary Care providers of all stripes cannot step up right now, and own the health care system and change it on behalf of our patients and ourselves, we should just go home." 

Topic Three: The Primary Care Project (At 48:10 in podcast)

In this brief segment of the show, I state why I signed The Primary Care Project Pledge from our friends at Primary Care Progress. You can see this segment in the video below

Topic Four: CFHA 2013 (At 53:13 in podcast)

Earlier this month, I attended the annual meeting of the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association in Denver. The audio clips I shared in this segment were from four previous blog posts entitled "Pecha Kucha," "What are your expectations?," "Questions from #CFHA13," "Collaborative Family Healthcare Association Mtg."

Topic Five: Flashback Segment (At 1:13:07 in podcast)

It's been fun sharing interviews from past shows. In this episode, I shared a small piece of an interview from October 2008 (can't believe it's been five years already) with our pal Carrie on Podcast episode 53.  

Carrie has been a long time friend of me and a friend of the show. She is a nurse practitioner in the Northeastern United States. We talked about her chronic pain diagnosis and her love of music. In this brief clip, I shared a few songs that she played on the piano. You can check out the entire 90 minute interview from 2008 in the player below.... 

What a fun show to put together and share with all of you! Apologies for not having a podcast in over a month. Hopefully, I'll have more time to podcast more. I also invite you to subscribe to the iTunes feed here. You can also subscribe to this blog right hereI also invite you to check me out on twitter, youtube, facebook, and linked-in as well. Enjoy!